By removing the bias and chaos of jumping to solutions.  Focus on your problem’s behavior over time.

Efficient + Effective

Straightforward problem solving

Skip the usual meetings and phone calls needed to get everyone on the same page by utilizing a simple roadmap to get to know your problem properly.

Streamlined analysis process

Never go down the wrong analysis road again.  Instead, learn how to follow the breadcrumbs left by the data outliers letting you know where to go next.

Rinse and repeat

Quickly train new employees, team members and stakeholders on how you analyzed the problem so you get the extra labor and capital you need to solve the problem now.

Accurate and precise

Standardize how to transform numerous brainstorming ideas into a few data-driven themes so you’re tackling root causes rather than opinions and guesses.

Airtight Gap Analysis

Everyone analyzes the same way

Always know what to analyze by reviewing the gap between your current and target KPI.  Break down your strategic goals into monthly, daily, and hourly activities so you’re always getting closer to your vision.

Optimized to gain more insight in less time

Gain insight faster by seeing how your gap behaves over time and quickly turn your insight into levers you can pull to solve your problem.

Everyone’s a business analyst

Develop everyone’s business analysis skills by showing them how to use a standard set of tools like bar graphs and Pareto charts to maximize your problem-solving talent.

Change management from the beginning

Teach employees how to fall in love with the problem instead of their own solution so your team aligns with the best, adoptable change.

Turn Data Into A Diagram

A picture is worth a thousand words

Help your team move out of the weeds and start to look at the process gap strategically by using data samples to start visualizing the problem with process mapping. 

Find out how what 100% productivity looks like

Easily quantify what being productive means to your net income by using process step cycle time to measure how long something should take so you can move towards perfection.

Learn how productive your process really is

Instantly figure out how much money you’re losing to process choke points by measuring how long things are taking your team with lead time.  Use the gap between cycle and lead time to easily get everyone behind the change.

Get it right the first time

Diversify your business risks by allocating improvement dollars to improving KPIs that measure quality like sales conversion rate, customer churn rate, NPS scores and employee engagement rates.

Find Your Weakest Link

Easy process improvement

Combine the strengths of the Theory of Constraints and Lean Six Sigma to remove your process bottleneck so you feel like you hired more people overnight.

Stretch you improvement dollars

Stop losing customers and profit by improving the wrong things or adding features they won’t pay extra for by finding the step causing the most pain.

Creativity over capital

Teach your team to see the 8 process wastes which account for 95-99% of every process in every company to permit them to eliminate bottlenecks before you even have to ask.

Bottleneck Gap Analysis

Always use the right tool for the job

Keep it simple.  Avoid wasting time on the hundreds of business analysis tools by teaching your teams the most effective ones like 5 Whys, Fishbone Diagram, and Affinity Diagrams.

Treat the sickness, not the symptom

Don’t settle for the wrong solution.  We’ll design a process to assist you with finding the root cause instead of wasting time on the symptoms and checking your own logic.

Avoid analysis paralysis

Getting lost in the data?  Learn when to stop analyzing your problem because you’ve already gotten all the insight you need.

Determine what’s critical to quality

Complexity, extra features, quality checks, and new hires often slow down your process.  We’ll teach you how to build exactly what your customer will pay for.



See how Guerrilla Analytics can turn process maps into solutions.  Our iterative process will help identify the right countermeasures for your business.