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How To Find Your Brand Voice To Increase Sales

Every sales call is an opportunity to learn more about your sales process and customer. Recently, we got a piece of data we hadn't heard before. We were told that if they're going to hire a consultant, it would be one of the big consulting firms. It would be easy to...

How To Quickly Develop 10% More Successful Products

Every business has a product development strategy.  Lean startup or fat business development budget, we're all growing businesses with new products.  But not everyone does process improvement. If you're unlucky, your new product dies along with the rest of 90% to 95%...

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How To Quickly Write A Killer Blog Post: Part 1

Blogging is an important business process in your business strategy to get leads and build your brand.  The best processes have process improvement built into their life cycle.  This applies to private equity, venture capital, Fortune 500 corporations and...

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What You Need To Know To Master Lean Six Sigma

As a business owner, I want to build a great business.  As a consumer, I want to support great businesses.   Sometimes entrepreneurs or executives forget to step out of that role and be only a consumer.   We're biased to our own business process because we're in it...

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Easy How To Create A Quality Customer Journey Map

Customers have never been more empowered to start and stop their customer journey without every talking to your company.  The most recent survey data says the decision to purchase a good or service is almost 70% complete BEFORE the potential customer reaches out. Most...

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How To Grow Your Passion Into A Successful Business

Building a successful business means knowing you've found your passion as an entrepreneur and it pays the bills.  Recently at an investor event, the speaker talked about how 80% of businesses fail. This is bad data but the scary fact is even after 5 years you still...

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