I don’t think I’m a good blogger. Feeling that you’re bad at something stops you from being better. We make the problem with us, and that makes us feel inadequate.

But writing has nothing to do with me as a person. Problems aren’t about people, they’re are about processes. So it’s lucky for me that writing a blog post is a process.  

If I don’t want to be a lousy writer, I should look at my blogging process data to figure out what makes me “bad.”  

Writing A Better Blog Post Means Using Process Data

When we go something great, it’s because of talent. But greatness has nothing to do with what you’re born with. Personal and operational excellence is earned through mindful improvement.

A process is anytime you take raw inputs and transform them into a finished product.  

Writing takes the raw inputs of thoughts, data, conversations, creativity, and feelings. It transforms them into a shared experience or story.

 You can’t improve what you can’t see. To get visibility into what’s holding back your blogging process, we measure it with a quality metric.

Quality metrics can be how many times it’s shared, the number of comments left, or the percentage of people who subscribe to your blog.

Your metric can be anything, but it should be a reflection of what your audience believes is valuable.

Improving Your Blogging Process Means Having A Strategy

A big part of process improvement is finding out the purpose or why behind the process.

Processes are just one part of business infrastructure. They support your corporate strategy or vision.

  • Blogging supports your marketing strategy.
  • Marketing strategy supports your Sales strategy.
  • Sales strategy support you stackin’ that cash.
how a blogging process supports marketing strategy and corporate strategy

I don’t blog because I love writing. I’m a classic example of someone who just wants to put her head down and work in a silent dark room without human interaction.  

I can’t do that and build a company. So I have to develop processes that not only support my corporate strategy but also motivate me to get out of my comfort zone.

When I look at writing, not as a small annoying task but a massive step towards building a company, I feel my discomfort is worth it.

Innovation Means Getting Over Your Need To Get It Right

Innovation is what happens when you have no time, money, and if you’re lucky – no idea how to make things better.

You need fresh eyes to see what you’ve been missing.

I started with an outline hoping that was innovative enough. After getting interrupted, I came back and couldn’t get my train fo thought or motivation back. 

I think in process flows, so why should I use a text outline to start writing. What if I mapped my blog post out like I map a process? 

blog post outline vs blog process flow

If you apply your creativity instead, you’ll see ways of fixing the process without spending money.

To Edit Your Writing, Less Create More Limitations

Process improvement means removing pain points. So to remove my pain points, I need to think about what I can remove from my process.

Process improvement means removing process waste. There are 8 types of process waste:

In a blogging process, those wastes look like: 

  • Defects = to final goal
  • Overproduction = producing too much > words
  • Waiting = huge lead time between my revisions
  • Not utilizing talent = not at the moment > establishing my brand which I need to know before I can standardize and hand to someone else
  • Motion and transportation = Cutting and pasting waste
  • Inventory = Writing or words is a form of waste
  • Excess processing = editing!

The process of editing is 100% waste. You know this because when you – the customer – don’t care how much someone edits a blog post. You just want the content interesting, helpful, easy to read, and on-time. 

As writers, we edit because we can’t trust the writing is done right the first time.

So tightening up the quality of the step before editing will reduce the burden placed on the next step to make up for the lack of quality.

Tightening up quality means:

  • Time constrain writing > reduce overproduction and inventory
  • Constrain formatting, limit cutting and pasting > use templates and standardize

You Can Be a Great Blogger With A Great Blogging Process

We’re only limited by our processes and lack of imagination. I don’t think like a writer – I think as a process mapper. I can’t be successful with someone else’s process, but I don’t have to be.  

We can all find greatness when we stop trying to fit into someone else’s plan of how to get there.

Ashley Asue Guerrilla Analytics Private Equity Consultants
At 26, she was asked to create a new department to grow their Fortune 300 company using Lean Six Sigma continuous improvement.
While working with consultants and experts, she saw a common thread among their challenges and failures.
With this insight, she created a custom process to create a high-performance company.
As the only CPA and business architect in the US, she helps others use creativity instead of cash to efficiently build their businesses.