A phone call can be a big commitment.

They take away from the little time you have to get everything done.  If you’re investing in a call you want to be sure the person is going to make your life easier instead of adding to your list.

We hire consultants too.  So we designed a call process that makes it easier to find the right partners for our business.  We use the same efficient process to make your life easier.

Our call takes work off your plate.

It’s not designed as a sales call.  It’s a process that helps you find out where to improve your process and lets us practice our passion for process mapping.

Our Call Process

  1. Send an email before our call to confirm your goal so we get you there before we hang up.
  2. Research you and your company before the call so we don’t ask stupid questions
  3. Design your process with a few simple questions

What You Get Out of the Call

You’ll end up with new improvement insight in the form of a clear process map.   Use your map to:

  1. train employees
  2. give to contractors or developers to automate your process
  3. pick between software to automate your process
  4. give to investors to make a case for capital
  5. remove steps to speed up your process and get better results

Let’s see how much of your to-do list we can get done in 30 minutes.