Streamline your problem-solving process so you can spend time growing your business.

Math + Culture = Strategy

Fortune 500 competitive advantage

Utilize the strengths of the Lean Six Sigma management philosophy and DMAIC problem-solving process, so you never fear change but inspire your clients to achieve their dreams with you.

Data-driven decision making

Make your decisions more easily and get buy-in faster by using a decision-making process that removes the bias of problem solving using process data only.

High-performance culture

Maximize your employee talent by building a system that removes repetitive work. Our methodology empowers your team to creatively solve problems immediately.

Process problems, not people problems

Remove the fear of change by making problems the outcome of bad processes instead of bad people. By digging into the data we cut out the finger-pointing and focus on the true cause.

Target KPI – Actual KPI = Problem

Always have a business case

Turn ambiguous problem statements into a gap between measured data points.  Build a method to benchmark the right competitors and break down gaps into achievable phases.

Put the puzzle together faster

Prioritize working on the correct problems at the right time by tying each issue to your business’ goals, so every day and every dollar drive you closer to hitting your strategic business targets

Everyone has a voice.  Everyone listens.

Change starts with acknowledging the people who live with the pain of the current state.  Create a process to respectfully and efficiently listen and let go of the emotions to get closer to solving with data.

Show off your organizational culture by speaking in gaps

Let customers and potential new hires know you’re not afraid of innovation because gaps aren’t problems, only targets you haven’t hit yet.

Agility + Project Management

Set the right targets

Sustaining change means setting up your team to be successful by using the right target.  Set a goal based on competitor benchmarking or historical performance data, so it’s realistic and achievable.

Scope down the process to the right size

Cut your projects down to size, so every change you make improves your bottom line.  Use tools like a SIPOC diagram to quickly wireframe your game plan before making a project plan.

Get the right people in the room

Remove the extra cooks in the kitchen by limiting your project teams to less than ten people who fill defined roles to optimize process improvement.

Focus on results, not project plans

Decrease project risk by using the right tool for the job.  We’ll help keep you accountable to rapid change, known as “kaizen” events, or longer transformation projects customized to your needs.

Speed + Data Collection

What gets measured, gets improved

Unlock the process insight hidden in your historical data. We use CRM, kanban board and live observations to benchmark your business process.

No statistical sampling needed

Never get overwhelmed by again by hacking large data sets using a process outline to visualize how you transform raw inputs into revenue.

Map the standard instead of the exception

Don’t get lost troubleshooting the exceptions.  We’ll build high-quality process blueprints by analyzing and process mapping what happens 51% of the time.

Don’t waste time collecting data

Be confident in your data collection by learning how to navigate process trends between the target and actual KPIs.



See how Guerrilla Analytics can efficiently turn data into insight.  Our analysis process will help identify the right ways to analyze for your specific problem.