By building new processes that don’t give you the option of getting the wrong result.

Inspiration = Sustained Change

Make continuous improvement a passion not a project

The only constant is change especially if you’re in a highly competitive industry.  We arm our clients with the tools to overcome the uncertainty and build a culture that embraces innovation.

Inspire change instead of managing changing

Make it easier to hear what employees will hold themselves accountable to and what customers will pay for by seeing the difference between process waste and value.

Respect for the individual

Get through the change curve faster by letting us take on the initial burden of coaching your team through the fear of change and performance dips.

Remove the option to underperform

We solve the adoption puzzle by making the change so easy to adopt it’s harder to do slip into old habits than to get outside of your comfort zone.

Poka-Yoke = Mistake-Proofing

Bulletproof your process

Easily error-proof your new process using the baseline process observations and interviews as a checklist so you don’t miss a thing.

Maximize employee talent

Set your new process on autopilot so your employees can exercise their creative problem-solving skills to be a better business partner.

Better customer onboarding and employee training

Training your employees can be tough but your customers can be tougher.  Revitalize your new hire and customer onboarding experience to reduce churn and increase retention.

Change your company culture

Make change is viral by unleashing your team’s innovation by linking problems to their personal aspirations and development plans.

Learn = Measure + Do

Efficient on the job training

Don’t lose time managing change.  We’ll show you how to train your team – on the job – so they’re ready to go on day one.

Build muscle memory

Positive, immediate feedback to drives the right behavior. Build coaching into the new process to lift your team up and incentivize adoption.

Strengthen to the standard

Process maps and standard operating procedures are only valuable when they’re used and updated.  Use your new process to empower your people to find a smarter way of doing things daily.

KATA = Accountability + Rigour

Productivity dashboards

Visual management tools like Kanban boards will turn performance into a picture worth a thousand words – supporting your team to spot areas of improvement and overcome roadblocks in real time.


Dashboards are worthless unless you know how to use them.  Design a self-management process so your team knows when and how to root cause and countermeasure now instead of later.

Make excellence the standard

Empower your team to innovate using their SOP’s and process maps as living documents used to A/B test and iterate their way to higher quality products, services and increased profitability.

Better business development

Bring the discipline of martial arts and Lean Six Sigma into your company by crafting perfect form or “Kata” into your business processes to show your customers you’re their best choice.